In these paintings there exists a delicate balance between what is controlled and what cannot be controlled, nature.

The balance between pigments as material and water as force reveals the mutability of form, as a natural process.

In each painting the application of pigment in a regular manner allows the destined arrival of form to reveal its relationship between the pigment, water and paper.

Painting is a process of learning how to understand these relationships and their properties, which reveals the substance of each color.

My concerns are with the combination of pigments rendering substance, rather than mixing color.

With this attitude the destiny of each form is partially predetermined by its chemical properties.

The interior and exterior form lives in a delicate balance.

In the relationship of matter to form there exists a delicate balance between containment and freedom of movement, within the plane of paper.

Nature is not the painting itself, but the process of growth and mutability of form within the plane of paper, as a result of action and energy.

In the process of painting, the wish for perfection is my concentration in the moment; the unity of both mind and action and not the perfectness of form.

In nature the condition of the natural elements such as water and its relationship to others elements, is a result of completion and not perfection.

There is an ongoing dialogue between the nature of material and human nature.

In each painting there is a balance between these two.

These weavings of pigments, water and paper are not pictures of the natural, but the process of nature itself.

Beauty is a paradoxical condition of both birth and decay existing in a moment that offers a sublime substance as the arrival of form.


Robin Carnes

March 17 2015